Sunflower Fields

Back in my single days I lived in a house that was 150+ years old.  While there are many things I don’t miss about that house (squirrels in the attic and flooding in the basement for starters) there are a few things that I do miss.

This used to be on my drive home.  No matter how bad the day – seeing this made it all just go away.

I am fortunate to be friends with the field’s owner so when I asked if I could drive up and take some pictures he said, “Oh sure, go ahead, people stop and take pictures all the time.”

Field of Sunflowers

There’s just something about sunflowers – they are so bright and cheerful!  I broke out the extension tubes for the shot below!

Field of Sunflowers

But beware if you’re allergic to bees – there were thousands of them. They were everywhere!!

Field of SunflowersThanks J. for letting spend a morning wandering around your fields.  They are still a must see in the old neighborhood!


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