Look What I Got!!!

The other day the front desk called me and said I had a delivery. What – a delivery? It’s not my birthday, today is no day special, why would I be getting a delivery?

Turns out my thoughtful hubby had thought he would try to brighten my day – just because he thought it might need brightening. Isn’t he sweet???!!?!

So of course, I had to try pictures, right? It’s a little dark by the time I get home from work but I didn’t dare to take my lovelies outside in the cold. So I placed the flowers near our large northern exposure window – not a lot of light coming through it but still probably the most light of any window in the house in the afternoons. And I started out with my 36mm extension tube.

I had some trouble with the red rose. I couldn’t seem to get the light and shadows just the way I wanted them.
I got a surprise!!However – the yellow roses really popped in these lighting conditions.  This is my favorite shot of the afternoon.

Next I worked with the 18mm extension tube.  I think I like the 36mm better.  And again – the yellow roses looked much better  in my less than ideal lighting.

Then I broke out the nifty fifty and opened my aperture all the way to f/1.8 to get some bokeh.  I focused in on the top of the red rose here to get some blurry baby’s breath – probably could have stopped it down a little more – maybe f/5.6 would’ve been better because there’s a little too much bokeh here – even for me!!

Thanks baby for the lovely surprise – you definitely made my day (and several days afterward) a bit brighter.  Love you!!


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