Don’t Try This at Home

I’ve mentioned in the past how dangerous swimming in Ithaca’s gorges can be.  Every year there are serious injuries and usually some fatalities as well.  So please keep this in mind as you view the following shots…..

….that I have to admit I had a ball capturing!!!  These guys are going to swim and jump anyway – at least I was there with a cell phone if anything tragic happened, right!!?!!  And fortunately for everyone, on this day it was just a good time had by all.


This was great practice for me – trying to shoot moving targets.  And the guys didn’t seem to mind at all that I was shooting them.  They tried to get me to jump – I told them I don’t heal like I did when I was 20 anymore!!!

I managed to do a little unintentional panning – I love when I have happy accidents!!

Shooting these was harder than it looks.  An ISO of 400 was as high as I dared go with my camera – things tend to get really noisy after that.  Also, I ended up with a lot of headless shots as the young men would jump UP at takeoff and many, many times I failed to accommodate for that.


This shot is my personal favorite – one of those shots that I knew as soon as I saw it in camera – it was going to rock!!

So now the water is WAY too cold for any swimming – hopefully these will provide sweet dreams until next year!


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