Best of 2011

I see several of my blogging counterparts have already submitted their “Best of” assignments so I figured I’d better get cracking.  Scott was pretty loose with his definition of Best of letting us decide if we wanted to submit our favorite vacation photo, family photo, learning experience, or if you’re Karma – all of the above!!:)   I’ve only chosen four photos to share here but stay tuned – as the days have gotten shorter and I have less shooting time and more processing time – there may be more to come.

This assignment coincided with my annual calendar creation.  Each year, rather than write a letter I create a calendar of shots from the prior year.  Because after all, a picture is worth 1,000 words, right?  But I tended to chose different shots for this assignment as the calendar is designed to depict events and places in my life, not solely photographic experiences. So, in no particular order……

This is a shot from the Healing Field in Auburn, NY – an annual Memorial Day event.  This shot is special to me because as tends to happen, having a camera in my hand opened a door to me.  The groundskeeper on the park told me the best place to shoot the Healing Field was from the shed roof.  This is where the television crew had shot their footage the day before.  And then he set up a ladder and pretended not to know me as I climbed up to the roof!!  And he was right – I love my shots of the large flag with all the smaller flags set up on the lawn.

Imagine my shock and surprise when little ol’ me got an email requesting my presence at the awards ceremony of the photo contest Winter in the Zoo sponsored by the Rosamund Gifford Zoo.  So hubby and I made the 1.5 hour trip in a blinding snow storm so I could receive my first award.  Wait – did I say award?  I meant awards!!  My shot of the wolf won first place in the Action Photo category AND the shot below won Honorable Mention in the Winter at the Zoo category.  To be selected twice out of the 800 or so entries – almost a year later I am still awestruck.  Even though the wolf took a first place award – my family and I all like this shot better – don’t you just want to play with the cute little kitty?
Snow_leopardI took  this shot during my do I or don’t I like macros phase.  This was actually taken with the Macro lens I rented, obviously not focused very closely.  I selected this shot because it helped to show me that while I do like macro shots and they’re fun to make, this sort of shot is really my preference.  And that’s OK!  I also selected this shot because it represents my first (and definitely not last) experience with lens rental.  Lens rental is a great way to experiment with lenses, determine their priority in my wish list, and just to play with something new.

Macro?Finally, my last shot and very likely my favorite of the year.  This shot represents so much to me.  First of all it represents an independence I have found behind the camera.  I make an annual trip to Chicago for work and the first time I went in 2010 I stuck with the crowd and only struck out on my own one afternoon.  I did minimal research about the area and my photos show that.  This year was a different story.  I blew off most of the optional events to shoot pictures because Chicago is one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever been in (except Ithaca, NY of course)!  And I had a plan, and I knew the sunrise/sunset times and locations, the spots in the various parks that were picture worthy, best places to capture skyline shots – I was READY!!  This shot reflects one evening when I went with the group to a blues club knowing that a few blocks from the club was Buckingham Fountain – an enormous fountain that is lit at night and knowing that I’d be able to catch the blue hour as well.  This is the first shot of at least 50 I took here – why is it that so often the first or the last shots are the best?

Buckingham FountainSo there you have it – my favorites (for now anyway).  I wonder what my favorites will look like for 2012?


10 thoughts on “Best of 2011

  1. The Chicago shot is stunning! Nice job! And I love your leopard too. Thanks for the stories behind all the shots also. (are you referring to me going just a wee bit overboard? 😉 Thanks for the shout- out! )

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