Cornell Chimes – cont.

If you read Scott’s blog yesterday, you know he talked about a trip he made to my hometown – Ithaca, NY. While visiting Cornell University’s campus with myself and Barb The Aspiring Photographer we happened by McGraw Tower while the chimes were playing and all made mental notes to return and climb the 161 steps to check out the view.

What didn’t come up in conversation is that I’ve been planning my climb for almost a year now. You see, if you time it right you can get a free concert and a bird’s eye view of a fabulous sunset all for the price of 161 steps! What a deal!! However, timing it right is an issue. Experience has taught me that the best time to go is usually in the week or two before the clocks change because once that happens sunset is well before the concert starts.

So a couple of weeks after Scott’s visit it was a beautiful, sunny day so I made my way over to campus to check out the sunset and chimes double feature! Except the clouds moved in about 45 minutes before the concert. So I didn’t get my sunset – but I did still climb the stairs to enjoy the view and the music.

Looking down onto the Arts Quad

Cayuga Lake and Libe Slope on the left hand side of the pic

Cornell from McGraw Tower

Barnes Hall (foreground) and Sage Hall (with the steeple) with the Engineering Quad in the background

Playing the chimes

These girls must get an amazing workout from this!!

One word of warning – plan extra time to take in the view from the top before or after the chimes concert. Those chimes are LOUD at the top!! Have Fun!!


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