What the Heck is an Idiom?

Idioms?  Seriously, idioms?  What the heck is an idiom?

These were my thoughts when I read Karma’s October Photo Hunt.  She did provide a nice link to some idiom possibilities which did get me headed in the right direction – at least now I know what an idiom is!!

But still, how do I take a picture of an idiom?  I was seriously considering skipping my first photo hunt in quite a while…………..and then the ideas just started coming to me.

First – It’s All Greek To Me

Assorted Greek houses from the Cornell campus - with the added bonus that I learned how to make a collage!

Then – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is Ozzie sleeping in one of Ozzie's favorite spots

Finally – my last idiom came to me just last weekend – Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall

Hard to see the pouring rain coming down one afternoon at Letchworth State Park - this is a view of Inspiration Point taken from the east side of the gorge

And I almost forgot a Halloween shot with bonus points if there’s an idiom – Hmmmmmm – A Moment on the Lips, Forever on the Hips!!!

Every year I buy like I'll get more than 5 trick-or-treaters - this will all be in the office candy jar on Tuesday!

So I did it – I came up with three idioms and the bonus. I’m pretty proud of myself right now!!! Thanks Karma!! This assignment isn’t due until Nov 1 if you still wish to join in the fun!


7 thoughts on “What the Heck is an Idiom?

  1. I considered ‘it’s all Greek to me’ but couldn’t come up with any photo ideas. Yours are excellent.

    Love that last photo. Hallowe’en certainly = small chocolate bars at my house. The trick is to get them to last until Hallowe’en so I don’t have to go out and buy more at the last minute because the ones I bought 2 weeks previously are already gobbled up.

  2. I love your takes on the idioms – and happy you didn’t decide to skip! The best part of photo hunts is getting to jump around and see all the wonderful ideas. Your collage is great – what a neat idea. Sleeping dogs are turning out to be popular as I make the rounds. And I am guilty of all that Halloween candy buying too – although Halloween was cancelled here due to that nasty storm! I’m very happy to be back online.

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