This is More My Comfort Zone

The GINORMOUS falls of Letchworth (Upper, Middle, and Lower) really kind of threw me for a loop I think.  While I kind of think of Ithaca, NY as the waterfall capital of New York State we have nothing like this around here.  Even though I’d done my research I was still unprepared for waterfalls of this magnitude.

However, Letchworth is about so much more than these three BIG waterfalls.  It’s a  17 mile gorge with a lot to see – including several waterfalls from tributaries draining into the Genesee River (the main river running the length of the park).  And as it turns out I was able to see some of these waterfalls that are often dried up to a trickle or less.  So I consider myself fortunate in that regard.

Under the Railroad Bridge - this is an active railroad bridge that runs over the gorge near the Upper Falls. I never was fortunate enough to be here at the right time to see the train - but I did hear its whistle our first day

Shadow Cascade

Shadow Cascade, near the Upper Falls overlook along Trail #1. These falls are created by Deh-ge-wa-nus Creek draining into the Genessee.

Shadow Cascade

Another view of Shadow Cascade - I just love the way the leaves, water, and rocks contrast each other

There's a troll under this bridge!! **Note: After hubby climbed up from under the bridge he noted that maybe this was not his smartest idea ever!

These shots were all taken our first day at Letchworth. I’m looking forward to processing the shots taken two days later when a lot of the mud was gone and the falls, while still huge, were at least white and more photogenic!


4 thoughts on “This is More My Comfort Zone

    • Partly because they were so muddy and just generally ugly. Partly because the generalyl overcast weather – clouds can be cool but this was just plain flat grey. And partly because it was just outside my confort zone I think.

    • I thought more about your question last night and I think the high water/muddy waterfalls just weren’t what I was expecting. I had pictures in my head that I thought I’d be able to capture but my subject ended up looking nothing like what I thought and I had trouble reconciling the pictures in my head with what nature was giving me. Now I just need to figure out what I learned from the experience as I’m still not sure.

      • That is what I encountered in the Catskills. Muddy water from all the silt still being moved by the watershed since Hurricane Irene. You did well to keep as much of the sky out of your photos here when it’s like that. Or, you could use HDR or tonemapping to try and control the light.

        Nothing wrong with having to use the tributary falls in the gorge. I think this photos represent what you thought you would see in the bigger falls. Try again in June next year when the Spring runoff has cleared up.

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