Photographic Funk

Does anyone else ever go through a phase where they feel like maybe they’re not as good at this photography thing as they thought they were? When I got back from Chicago (I’ve yet to post these pics) I was thrilled with my results. Yes – there were some blurry pics where I forgot I was on manual focus (DOH!) but otherwise I thought I got some truly amazing shots.

But lately, my shots have felt blah. Nothing special. Generic. In particular, I’m not thrilled with my Letchworth shots. There were some that I took early one morning and I caught some blue hour and some mist in the gorge, but all in all – nothing special. Boring.

I suppose I could blame the weather – and certainly bad lighting was a factor – but I feel like that’s just an excuse. Kind of like people who say they can only make great photos if they had a better camera…….

Below are some shots I submitted to a local contest recently – and I didn’t win squat. Not really helping my photographic blahs any!!!

Rosie the Cat from Sunset Park

Hubby patiently did break after break so I could catch this "rainbow"

What Cascadilla Gorge may look like some day when the construction is completed... I've photoshopped out a nasty orange construction fence that is on the staircase

Taughannock after a storm


Storm to the left, Sun to the right - I'm headed right!

McGraw Tower

McGraw Tower during the Blue Hour

So I’m in kind of a photographic funk – or maybe it’s just a general funk knowing that my flowers from my garden are all gone and long, cold, non-sunny days are approaching. Does anyone have any tips for breaking out of a funk?


4 thoughts on “Photographic Funk

  1. I’m right there in that funk with you. Yesterday I was thinking of that infographic that someone posted on the Photography Club FB page (back on August 9: Knowledge and Quality of photos vs. How good you think you are), and decided that I was living in the “Dammit, I suck” phase. BUT — these shots are really nice and they’re evidence that you just need to keep working through this funk! I especially like the pool table shot and the picture of the snow-covered deck. Keep the faith.

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