Four Seasons of Treman

First off – a big thanks to Scott for his Four Seasons assignment. It was loads of fun and I think something I’m going to try to continue each year regardless of whether it’s an assignment or not.

I chose the Lower Falls of Treman State Park as my four season picture. It’s near my home and it’s a place I could visit easily. I tried to snap my photos right around the first day of the seasons weather and schedules permitting. As you will see this turned out to not be the best display of the four seasons as the seasons were pretty well screwed up around here this year!!!

Icy Falls in Winter

Lower Falls @ Treman

Not so icy - but still snow on the "deck"

A week from when this photo was taken where the people are sitting will be the swimming area and under about 8' of water

To view a shot of what these falls look like when the swimming area is filled in, check out follow blogger Barb’s photo here.

Lower Treman in the Fall

One of the added benefits of this project has been to be able to visualize my photographic progress.  I have to say I’m not real thrilled with my winter picture – partially because I’m not thrilled with winter!! – but I really like my summer and fall pictures much better than the first two.  Maybe it’s just coincidence but I’m going to tell my self it’s progress  🙂

11 thoughts on “Four Seasons of Treman

  1. I was taken by your consistency in rendering the falls. You gave them the same silky appearance each time.While that’s not my personal preference, it certainly shows that your images were made purposefully. Nicely done.

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  4. I love New York’s waterfalls, especially in autumn. That last shot makes me miss it very much. I’ll bet you had a good time taking those photos. Well done.

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