Screen Change

Here is a picture of a baby tiger at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo that I posted to Flickr recently:
Just a baby

I was really proud of this picture (hence the Flickr post) until the next day when using a different computer and monitor. Then it seemed WAY too dark.

Here is the brightened version (thank you Photoshop):

What a difference!!!! Does this ever happen to anyone else? Once you post a picture to your blog or Flickr or whereever you look at it again and wonder what the heck was I thinking? I do 99% of my photo work on a laptop and in the past I’ve blamed the screen angle – your photo will look different if you sit up straight and look at a laptop from a different angle. You don’t even have to change any settings!! Or is the the different mediums – Photostop, Flickr, WordPress to name a few. Just wondering if anyone else had ever run into anything similar. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Screen Change

  1. That happens all the time to me! And when I print, too. The printing problem is better since I bought a calibration kit from mpix (that reminds me, I was going to post about that.) But it still happens on the screen. I think some of the factors may be: the light in the room when you’re looking at the photos, the other stuff on the screen (are you looking at them in a light box?), and how late you were out the night before. 😉

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