Competition CNY Style!

First I need to say I’m very sorry I’ve been AWOL lately.  As a friend of mine would say, “Got a lot going on.”  I will try to be better in October (I can’t believe it’s almost October!) but I make no guarantees – so sorry!

Thank you Scott for making your competition assignment due so that I had to get motivated to get a blog post up.  As luck would have it – the day Scott posted the assignment I was planning on attending Ithaca vs Elmira JV Girls Soccer.  Unfortunately the field is set up so that the spectators are facing west – straight into the sun.  I was able to get a few shots in the second half after the sun went behind some trees.

Go Ithaca!! (They are the girls in white.)

Even though she played for the "wrong" team #10 was a really good player

Final Score: Ithaca 2, Elmira 1.  Hooray!!

I should mention that several schools in my area can’t afford to have football teams.  The soccer teams are our football teams and homecoming and all kinds of other activities center around the soccer teams.  The following week I had plans to watch a couple of other young lady teams play soccer again.  This time it was Candor vs. Newfield and the weather cooperated better – a nice overcast day!  In this case we’re routing for Candor in the blue.

Hello Ref?? This is a push!! Too bad I couldn't provide the instant replay!

Final Score: Candor 1, Newfield 1 after two overtimes!

There’s still a couple more days to get your competition assignments in – I look forward to seeing them!!


6 thoughts on “Competition CNY Style!

  1. I think girls compete harder than boys at this level. Look at the intensity you got in these photos. Hair flying, concentration and even some contact (hey, it’s not illegal if the ref doesn’t call it).

    I hear you about the light angle. This time of year, late afternoon Sun can be a bear to work with. Spot metering can help a lot in those cases. The trick there is to get the spot over the player you are photographing.

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