Blue Hour Flag - taken at Myers Park in Lansing, NY

We all woke up knowing what today is, remembering what it means to us whether we lost loved ones, or just remember the feelings of devastation and disbelief we had as we watched the towers fall.  But we as a nation have overcome, and like the saying goes what doesn’t kill you will make you stonger. 

Hopefully that saying is true because as I read Facebook comments this morning from my friends to the southwest I know they are going to need lots of strength.  A few of my friends have lost everything in the flooding that has occurred here in the past week.  This is not some distant area where tragedies have occurred – this happened in an area I visit often.  I am fine – my only inconvenience was dealing with massive traffic backed up due to road closures.  I know I am fortunate. 

I am not going to be showing you pictures I shot of the devastation for several reasons.  For one, during the highest stages of flooding many of these areas were unaccessible.  Also, it just seemed wrong to wander around with my camera taking pictures of someone else’s loss.  And finally, it would’ve been impossible for me to capture that loss on film as the scope of the loss was so immense.

What I did do was wander around campus one day the day after things started to return to “normal” for a lot of the area.  Roads and schools (most of them) opened back up and people started returning to work.

Triphammer Falls taken from the Thurston Ave bridge

Beebe Lake and the crest of Triphammer Falls - taken from the pedestrian bridge

Cornell reflected in the "lake" that used to be a soccer field at Cass Park in Ithaca, NY

I hope everyone, from those of you mourning the loss of a loved one ten years ago to those of you beginning the clean up of your properties have the very best day possible.


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