Philadelphia Zoo

Southern White Rhinocerous

How long do you think before this guy breaks though?

If you’re a regular reader you remember about a month ago I visited the Philadelphia area and Longwood Gardens.  Since I was there, and since my admission was free (due to my membership with the Syracuse Zoo), and since it was on the same side of town as Longwood, and since I’m kind of a zoo freak, I wanted to visit the Philadelphia Zoo as well.

Thirsty Polar Bear

Polar Bears didn't mind the rain!

And visit I did.  In the pouring rain.  So much rain there were literally rivers running down the sidewalks. 

Sloth Bear
Neither did the sloth bear – who ventured out just to see us

Still – a lot of the exhibits were indoors so there were many opportunities to get in and to get dry.  And it did stop raining for about an hour and a half so even though it was still drizzly and overcast I was able to get the camera out and shoot some of the outdoor exhibits.


The macro lens I rented to Longwood Gardens worked quite well in the low light exhibits!

The Philadelphia Zoo is credited with being the first zoo in the US.  It’s a really nice zoo.  It’s hard for me to compare it with the Bronx Zoo (the last large zoo I visited) because with the rain a lot of the animals weren’t cooperating.  I think the big cat exhibit would be really fabulous – except we all know cats aren’t fond of rain and they stayed in their dens and we only saw a few.


All white swan - I love the knowing look she has

I am looking forward to returning at some point and enjoying all of the exhibits when I’m not dodging raindrops.  Some say the best time to visit the zoo is on cool, rainy days (fewer crowds, and the animals tend to be more active) but in a constant downpour??  Let’s just say we made the best of it  🙂

Black-necked Swan

Black-Necked Swan - probably not the greatest picture but something about the reflection and the leaves made me want to share it


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