Connecticut Sunrise – Part 2

My first morning in Connecticut I got my camera up at 5:30 and headed out to the dock area near the hotel to capture the sunrise coming over the horizon.  I had wandered the hotel’s grounds and a nearby park the evening before so I knew I wouldn’t have to venture too far from the hotel and civilization to find a great spot to view the sunrise.  If you missed those shots, you can check them out here.

While I was there I very nice gentleman stopped to watch the sunrise and enjoy his morning coffee.  We chatted for about 1/2 an hour during which time he described to me an area that would allow me to capture the sunrise along with the protected marshes nearby.  I went back to my room and Google Mapped the area – this was one of the few times I would have Internet during the trip – and was able to figure out where he was speaking of and how to get there.

Sunrise over the marsh

However, not being familiar with the area I knew I needed to check it out beforehand.  I knew that venturing into an unknown area at 5:30AM was NOT a good idea!!!  So during some free time that afternoon I took the car and found the spot he’d been speaking of.  Turns out it’s a city park (so I wouldn’t be trespassing) and the park is adjacent to the city’s composting center – an area getting a lot of use at the time due to the Hurricane Irene destruction.  So I decided it would be safe enough to visit in the early dawn hours.

Boy was I right!!  A local policeman must’ve seen my car traveling down the road that ended at this park and I wasn’t there five minutes before he came to see what I was up too!!  Once he realized I wasn’t a miscreant and was just there to take pictures he was very nice and told me to have fun.  And I did.  While the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as it was the morning prior, the clouds and the colors bouncing off the clouds offered a different sort of sunrise that should also be enjoyed!!

Thank you kind coffee drinker for telling me about this wonderful spot!!


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