Connecticut Sunrise

Let’s face it – work trips are usually pretty boring. Work trips when you are a cost accountant are excruciatingly boring!!!

Old Saybook, CT

I didn't get as much flare off the lighthouse as I was hoping for here. The lighthouse room is an available room at Saybrook Point Inn - how amazing must that be??

So I try to find the best in what I think of as a necessary evil.  And the best is the opportunity to take pictures of areas I would probably never visit otherwise.  So for the two days I was in Connecticut I was up at 5:30AM to capture the sunrise – figuring this would most likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the sunrising over the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound.

The debris in the river is what is working its way down river as a result of the massive Hurricane Irene flooding in Vermont.

Old Saybrook, CT

These shots are from my first morning there and I was rewarded with a spectacular sunrise.  I met a nice gentleman while I was there (what is it about walking around with a camera that makes people always want to talk to you?) and tomorrow I will post sunrise shots for the location he suggested.  The sunrise wasn’t as fantastic that morning, but he was right about the location – it was fabulous!


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