Hurricane Irene

Debris floating down the Connecticut River to the Long Island Sound. To the left is a large tree with branches and roots still attached that hung up on a sandbar in the Sound.

First I need to say that Ithaca, NY was blissfully unaffected by Hurricane Irene. Yes, it rained all day and power went off for an hour or two in some areas but this part of NY saw none of the flooding devastation our friends to the east experienced.

Debris on the causeway that separates the South Cove from the Long Island Sound. The causeway was completely submerged during the storm.

And I should apologize for being AWOL this week. I had a work trip planned to the Connecticut coast for Tues-Thurs (8/30-9/1) – just two days after Hurricane Irene hammered the area. I got to work Monday and found out the hotel where the conference was planned had power (but no Interent) so the conference was on.

Debris on the sidewalk of the causeway. I had heard that they used snowplows to clear the roads of all the debris that washed up during the storm.

The conference was at a lovely hotel in Old Saybrook, CT. A gorgeous area of which I have many pictures to share with you of course!! When we arrived only half the city had power, there was no Internet, and cell phones were spotty. By the time we left two days later, most of our area had power restored – though much of CT was still without power, the Internet was hit and miss, but cell phones were again functioning normally. The whole time I was there you could hear the constant drone of wood chippers and chainsaws.

A large dock that was badly damaged by the storm. That’s I-95 and the Amtrack tracks that you can see in the distance on the left.

It was a different sort of experience definitely. It was very hard for me to wrap my mind around what it must’ve been like just two short days before my arrival since the weather for my entire stay was absolutely gorgeous. But everywhere you looked there were huge tress on the ground and lots of flood damage.

Another view of the damaged dock. The adjoining restaurant was forced to close indefinitely due to flooding. Concrete planters 2′ x 3′ were pushed back at least 5 feet by the storm surge.


I wish the best of all of the citizens of Old Saybrook, Connecticut, Vermont, and all the others areas that were affected by this hurricane.


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