The Rainbow of Summer

It’s time for Karma’s Rainbow of Summer August Photo Hunt. It’s not due until Sunday so you’ve still got a couple of days if you want to get in on this!

Summer means RED toes!

Myers Park Sunset

Thanks to this photo hunt - hubby and I have developed a new habit I hope we never break - we grab a bottle of wine and hit a local park for an ORANGE sunset. Life just winds down when you're watching the sun slow dip below the horizon. This sunset was caputured at Myers Park in Lansing, NY.

This used to be my drive to work - I love these fields of YELLOW sunflowers so much I still make sure to visit them every year.

Even though I missed the blue sky on this day - I loved the GREEN trees. This picture was taken during a boat trip I recently took down the Erie Canal.

BLUE - You know it's summer when the camp chairs come out!

Purple Coneflower

PURPLE Coneflower - one of my favorites!

I'm getting kind of wet here - hence the not so happy face!! Low water made this shot at Eagle Cliff Falls in Montour, NY possible.

 Notice the purple water shoes above – that was going to be my purple shot – but I thought that two pictures of my feet might be pushing it!!

Thanks Karma for putting this together – this was a particularly fun one!!


10 thoughts on “The Rainbow of Summer

  1. I love your ideas for the pictures Deb! Everyone has been very creative and using a great variety of subjects for these photos (you included!) so it has been a lot of fun to see everyone’s results!

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  3. Love the coneflower! I couldn’t wait to scroll down to find out what kind of flower it was! And of course the sunflowers…and the green trees…and and and and….

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