To New Adventures

This summer I have been so very fortunate that I have gotten to spend a lot of time with an amazing family.  And as sad as I am to see summer coming to an end, I am so very excited that two of this family’s members are embarking on one of life’s most amazing adventures – the college experience.  And although E will be a sophmore this year and a lot of this might be old news to her, R left today to start his freshman year.  So to the both of you all I have to say is enjoy yourselves – but not too much.  Party hard – but study harder.  And I know everyone says this – but these are the best years of your lives – don’t forget that.  I know it seems all too stressful now – but in a few years there will be bills and families and you can’t go to work without showering first like you can roll out of bed and go to class!

And to S who will be experiencing a quiet home for the first time in her life – I know you’ll be enjoying that – embrace this transition and this quiet time.  You too will be fledging the nest far too soon!

R holding a baby frog during a picnic at Treman State Park

Love you all!!


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