3 photo bloggers, 1 tolerant spouse, and the Taughannock Trickle

Too late sunrise

Saturday I got up at 5:30AM!!  Slightly insane, yes.  But I was meeting Scott, Scott’s wife Merrie, and Barb at Taughannock at 7AM, and since that’s on the western side of Cayuga Lake, I knew it’d be a perfect spot to see the sunrise.  Sunrise was to be at 6:17AM so I thought I’d have plenty of time to get the beautiful, pre-sunrise colors.  I was wrong.  I did see the colors – as I was driving to the park.  Live and learn I suppose.  I did get to take advantage of some nice morning light, however.

Lining up the swings - with Taughannock Farms Inn in the background

As I’ve mentioned, CNY has not seen much rain as of late. And our waterfalls are paying the price.; So when we visited Taughannock Falls yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time studying the gorgeous rock formations that are usually overshadowed by the magnificent waterfall.So little water – but the rocks are pretty cool too!

Sunshine working it's way up the gorge

Barb has renamed this Taughannock Trickle

And blue skies!! I've seen nothing but hazy overcast for at least the past week so this blue was a welcome relief!

And of course – the group shot:

Myself, Scott, and Barb - Mary politely declined this early morning photo op! Smart Lady!


4 thoughts on “3 photo bloggers, 1 tolerant spouse, and the Taughannock Trickle

  1. I love the sunrise-over-the-lake-and-through-the-trees shot! So peaceful. That was a fun morning, even though getting up so early is though. We’ll have to do it again sometime… -B

  2. As I told Scott, I think its really cool you all got to get together. I dragged myself up for some sunrise pictures too recently – no easy thing to do when on vacation.

  3. I read about you and your two photo-friends’ visit to this wonderful place. I enjoyed the 3 different posts you published – including your nice series here 🙂

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