First Time Fireworks

So I missed any and all firework performances from the beginning of July.  In my defense, our “local” fireworks are about 45 minutes away and are relatively difficult to get to.  And I knew that I had my trip to Longwood planned for a day they were setting off fireworks – after some debate about whether it was worth the more expensive ticket – mom and I decided to attend.

This was my first photographic fireworks attempt.  I had studied up in July with Barb and Scott, and foolishly assumed I would remember everything I had read a month and a half later. When will I learn the memory is not what it used to be?  🙂 

I will say that we got great seats for the fireworks – not so much for the colorful fountains also on display.  The overlook outside the Conservatory is probably the best place to see everything – but since we didn’t arrive to reserve our spots until at least 6PM (and you can start reserving at 3PM) I think we did pretty OK in the seat department. 

Longwood Gardens does not allow the use of tripods during the fireworks – presumeably because they take up more than one person’s share of space but I never got an true explanation for the policy.  So I sat in my camp chair with my Gorillapod on my lap (thanks Hubby!!) and did the best I could.  I struggled with the focus – I had to turn off auto-focus and it was quite difficult to focus the camera as it was sitting on my lap.  And occasionally, my lap/Gorillapod/camera moved and there went the focus.

But all in all, for a first attempt, minus a tripod (could I make a few more excuses?) I’m pleased with how these turned out.  And the fireworks were really amazing – definitely worth the additional price of admission.


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