Macro Rental

FINALLY!! My Nikon 60mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Macro rental lens is here. I’ll be spending the next five days taking nothing but macro pictures!! I did a little practicing today at varius Cornell Plantation gardens in preparation for my big trip to Longwood Gardens this weekend.

But wait – this lens does so much more!! I love that I can go from this

Lambsear Closeup

To this

Cornell Plantations

by doing nothing but refocusing!! So much more versatile than using the tubes.

I still love my bokeh

But closeup can be pretty cool too

Stay tuned for lots of flower macros next week. We’re also going to the Philadelphia Zoo so there will be more than flowers – I promise!


2 thoughts on “Macro Rental

  1. These are outstanding. Macro (or Micro as Nikon like to call them) are much more versatile then people think.

    Have you used the 105VR, too? When I rented one earlier this year, I didn’t want to tgive it back! How close do you have to get for a full frame close up using the 60mm?

    • I haven’t tried the 105mm for exactly that reason – the review said if you rented it you’d have to buy it and I don’t have a spare grand laying around! I’m not sure how close I was because my mom didn’t bother to bring her camera (she figured I had it covered) so I don’t have a pic of me taking a pic. I’m guessing 3-5″ give or take.

      And I found myself wishing sometimes that I had the wide angle on and if I’d had time I would’ve gone back through the Conservatory with that lens to showcase the massiveness of their displays. So I think I’m pretty happy I went with the 60mm.

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