Upper Buttermilk

Did you know that there is an Upper Buttermilk Falls Park completed with a lake? It’s true – I wouldn’t lie to you!!

A hidden gem in the CNY trail system is Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park – home to Lake Treman.

Lake Treman Reflection

You can park at the entrance to the upper park and follow the Bear Trail through the woods to Lake Treman, or you can drive up the Park Road through a creek bed (my favorite part) to a parking area quite near the lake. There is a loop trail around the lake that is about 2.5 miles long and is quite popular with joggers. The trail has some steep areas but is overall quite navigatable.

Rippled Reflection

There is one waterfall that is usually almost invisible – the angle of the gully is such so that you can only hear the rushing water – all you can see from the bridge is the drop off but not the falls below. Unless there’s very low water – and you’re up for a little creek walking!!

Upper Buttermilk Falls

Hidden Falls at Upper Buttermilk

So if you’re ever looking for a small, quiet picnic area with a nice short hike and a quiet lake – check out Lake Treman in Upper Buttermilk – you’ll be glad you did!!


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