Cascadilla Gorge

Cascadilla Gorge is another lovely area within the City of Ithaca that is managed by The Cornell Plantations. It’s a quick and easy walk that allows you to get up close to several different types of waterfalls.

Cascadilla Lower Falls
I was so happy when this girl sat down in my frame!!

This waterfall greets you as you enter the gorge not too far from downtown Ithaca.

As you can see, the sun started shining brightly about the same time as I arrived – isn’t that always the way? So I did some experimenting with multiple exposures – my software doesn’t technically do HDR. This is my first attempt:

My attempt at multiple exposure

And this is my second. I also spent some time with the cloning tool removing an orange construction fence from the left side of the gorge. The gorge trail is currently under construction and this is as far as you can go (legally). There were rumors that the trail renovations would be completed this fall – but I didn’t see any construction going on when I was there so I think this date has been pushed back.

Cascadilla Falls
What the gorge will look like once construction is complete

Sometimes I like the little ledges the best:

Cascadilla Little Ledge

Lotta ledges!!

Finally, my favorite shot – except that I was standing in the creek to get this shot – which you’re not really supposed to do.

Favorite Falls!!

So if you have an extra half hour – or even better, an hour – check out Cascadilla Gorge – you will not be sorry!!


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