Lunchtime Walks

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard me mention my lunchtime walks.  Not only are they the perfect way to decompress after a long morning, but they’re a great place for me to practice taking pictures since a lot of the things I see everyday, I can experiement with different settings and such from day to day.  AndI’m very fortunate that my walking path has a lot of different vistas for me to practice on!

One of the first things I see is this cemetary.  I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of this flag pole!

Flagpole Inspiration

I quite often see various forms of birds and other animal life.  Apparently being numbered is popular around here!!

Number 10? Or do you think it's 01?


I guess they really want to make sure she knows she's #250!

There’s also plenty of plant life for me to shoot:

Mystery Berries

Honeysuckle Berries?

And then there’s the view! Almost back to my office, there’s a spot where I can look from East Hill across the valley to the Ithaca College campus on South Hill – pretty nice sunsets in the winter too!

South Hill as seen from East Hill

So now you know how I spend my lunch times – out of the office whenever possible!!  With all this to see and do, can you blame me?


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