The Unseen Taughannock

We all know about Taughannock Falls – tallest falls in New York State at 215′ – even taller than Niagara Falls. The views from the Overlook are stunning. And the oft-travelled Gorge Trail is one of the best short hikes around. But did you know that there are two other trails with lots of other interesting things to see, including another waterfall (and I’m not talking about the lower falls visible at the beginning of the Gorge Trail)?  Today I’m going to share some of these other Taughannock points of interest.

Just a short trip up the North Rim Trail from the Overlook is what I think is the best view of Taughannock Falls.

The Better Overlook

Coutinuing up the North Rim Trail are the Upper Falls – which I am embarrassed to admit even I did not know were there until this trip. They are tough to photograph – the angle from the bridge is awkward and there is no safe way to get to the base. I had to crop a large section of bridge out of this shot.

The Other Falls

Continuing back down the other side of the gorge on the South Rim Trail, there are numerous overlooks of the gorge and the park. It just takes my breath away.

View from the South Rim Trail

A large storm had rolled through the area prior to my trip to Taughannock on this day. In fact, when a park worker came over to me after I arrived, I figured he was going to tell me some of the trails were closed due to storm damage (turns out he just liked my truck!). Notice how brown the water is in some of the shots?

 I tried to get the gorge reflected in these water droplets with no success. But even without the reflection I liked how this shot turned out. So often in places such as this we focus so much on the wide angle shot – this proves there is also beauty in the close-up.

After the rain

In no hurry, I decided to take the .75 mile walk up the Gorge Trail while I was at it. It’s such a lovely trail, and an easy walk – how could I resist?

Nice wide, flat, shady, dirt path

I don’t understand how people can build these rock sculptures that I see so often in the parks. They make it look so easy!!

Rock Sculpture at the base of Taughannock

Continuing back up the North Rim Trail to the Overlook where I left my truck, there are several wonderful overlooks of the park and Cayuga Lake. I can’t wait to come back here in the fall to get foliage shots (and a better view with the leaves off the trees).

North Rim Overlook

So the next time you visit Taughannock Falls, look around and check out all the other things you can see – there’s more to Taughannock than the largest waterfall in NYS!


4 thoughts on “The Unseen Taughannock

  1. The Better Overlook is worth the short climb from the Overlook parking lot. Something I will be doing soon.

    I am thinking that rock sculpture is in a place the artist(s) would get in trouble if caught creating it. 😉

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