Skaneateles Sunrise

I spent the night at mom’s (about 45 minutes north of Ithaca) last weekend partly so that I could get up early and get to Skaneateles to see the sunrise.  This trip would be over an hour from my home, and let’s face it, in July the sunrise is EARLY!!  I’ve been beating myself up a bit because I haven’t been getting out to shoot the sunrise/sunsets and this was my opportunity.  This is the very first shot I took:

Early Sunrise

I didn’t understand what that bright spot was in the center foreground – I found it hard to believe someone had a fire going in their front yard at 5AM.  So I zoomed in a lot and it’s a streetlight.  Even the streetlights in Skaneateles have character!

I was using the wide angle and I decided to see what I could capture with the zoom.  Not much, as it turns out.  So I messed around shooting the pink waves – I think I like the “modern art” feel of this.

Sunrise Waves

An unexpected surprise on this trip was that I got to shoot the moon set too!!

Skaneateles Moonset

Moonset as the sun was rising behind me

 This shot was my big achievement for the day.  And I say that because I knew what I wanted while I was there and not afterward as I’m looking at the pics in my computer. And for a change I also knew how to get there.  I wanted flare, so I set the aperture to f/22 and check it out

Skaneateles Sunrise

Skaneateles Flare

I know some people would consider flare an oops but it was what I was in the mood for – and I got it. I love it when a plan comes together!


6 thoughts on “Skaneateles Sunrise

    • Glad to inspire – check out my blog roll for those who inspire me! It’s more work than you might expect but it’s a lot of fun and so very worth it when you get that one incredible shot……

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