Showing Scale

It’s time for Scott’s assignment again. For those of you who still want to participate it’s not due until July 20 – so you’ve still got time!

This month’s assignment was about using scale in a picture.  Being the waterfall fanatic that I am – this was of course my first thought.  But you will notice there are no waterfall pictures included – though this was mostly just coincidence!

The first shot is from the gorge at Taughannock State Park. Water levels are low (I truly cannot believe that after all the rain we had this spring) and a bunch of us got together and creek walked the gorge. This was the only shot I took with this assignment in mind.

Little People, Great Big Gorge

My next shot I took while I was waiting for my friends also at Taughannock, but on the Cayuga Lake shore. I didn’t realize how visible the person was behind the sail until I loaded the images into my computer. But I like it because even while I was watching this person zipping around the lake, I didn’t realize that sail must be at least 20 feet tall!

Little Person, Medium Sail, Great Big Lake

Finally, my last shot is sort of a reverse scale, also taken at Taughannock. As I was flipping through the shots from that day I realized the frames I shot of the far off power station show how you can use distance to manipulate scale.

Big Rocks, Medium Waves, Little Power Plant?????

So that’s what I’ve got for Scott’s assignment. I had also thought of trying to incorporate a penny or my lens cap into a shot to show scale, but never found the right subject matter for these. A couple of ideas if someone’s still trying to think of something to do. Also, wanted to mention that Karma has posted our August assignment early – check it out!!

6 thoughts on “Showing Scale

  1. Your first shot is an especially great example! I get a really good feel for just how big that rock wall is.
    Thanks for the plug on the photo hunt too!

  2. The first – and especially the last – of the three photos are good examples of this issue, “Showing scale”! My favorite is the last one with the “little” power plant!!!!

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  4. This is an interesting place you are showing at the first photo, I wonder how it was created long time ago? A good place to choose for showing scale.

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