Pittsburgh, PA

View from our hotel room! Fort Pitt Bridge, Heinz Field on the right.

One of the great things about living in CNY is its proximity to other wonderful places. If we ever get bored with the beauty in our own backyard we have Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, The Adirondacks, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada, and Pittsburgh, PA within an easy six hour drive. How wonderful is that??? So hubby and I purchased tickets to the Kenny Chesney show in Pittsburgh, PA on the 4th of July weekend. I have some friends in Pittsburgh and had visited a few times before and am a little familiar with the area. So we booked a hotel on the waterfront Station Square area where we could catch a boat shuttle over to the concert and could just park our car and never need it again until we departed.

Floatilla outside Heinz Field prior to the Kenny Chesney concert

In true “the best camera is the one you have with you” fashion – I took cell phone pictures while at the concert. I figured they might not allow me to take the DSLR into the Heinz Field so I left it in the hotel. I think my cheap little cell phone does a pretty nice job!!

The concert started at 4:30.  When we purchased the tickets it was Zac Brown opening for Kenny Chesney.  So my plan was the concert will end around 8 or so, get a late dinner, then do some nighttime shots of Pittsburgh – because Pittsburgh has an amazing nighttime cityscape.  However, two more acts had been added since we bought the tickets – Billy Currington and Uncle Kracker.  So the concert didn’t end until 10:30.  6 hours of fabulous musci – I couldn’t have been happier!!  Except I was starving!!  So we got some food (my first visit to a Joe’s Crab Shack – YUMMY!!!) and by then it was 1AM and we were beat.  But I was just itching to take some pictures.  So I set up the tripod and took a few of the view outside the hotel.

Pittsburgh at night

So it was a learning experience. I should’ve shut off the bathroom light – Oops!! But I like how the police boat’s flashing light looks with the long exposure!

Next morning I got up kind of early because I was upset that I hadn’t gotten to take many pictures yet. I sat out in Station Square drinking coffee, reading my book, and taking pictures. I love relaxing!!!

PPG Building - it looks like a castle!!

Hard Rock guitar with the Monongahela Incline in the background

Station Square has these amazing fountains that run choreographed shows every 20 minutes until midnight – I did get to see part of a show while we were waiting for our dinner but by the time we finished the fountains were off 😦 And they weren’t on yet when I visited the square in the morning. But hubby and I decided to go for one last little stroll before we checked out and guess what? The fountains were performing!!

Station Square Fountain performance

It would’ve been nice to capture the scene and night with the lights and a low shutter speed. But I’m so happy I got to at least capture this!

It was a great trip!


4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Jealous of the concert you got to see. Not sure we’ll ever see him back in Syracuse again. The guy is too big. What a great night of music and a weekend of exploring and enjoying a great city. Will have to remember this when I look at concert schedules in the future. I like the idea of parking the car and exploring by alternative means.

  2. Fun travel photos Deb. You left out the great state of Massachusetts being in your driving range! The Berkshires, Boston & Cape Cod would be in your 6-hour window too, I would think.

    • Hey Karma!

      You are correct – I always thought Boston was more like 8 hours but according to Google Maps it’s just over 6. I’ll have to add that to my someday itinerary!

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