Robert H Treman State Park – Lucifer Falls (Upper Park Area)

Last week I promised you a post about the upper portion of Robert H Treman State Park.  While it’s very doable to visit both sections of the park (and everything in between) in one day, the weather and my schedule have not cooperated lately so I split my visits in two.

The upper portion of the park is dominated by the 115′ Lucifer Falls.  These falls are so tall and so twisty even my 18mm couldn’t fit all the falls in one frame.  So we have the upper most portion with its drippy moss covered ledges…..
Lucifer Falls
…then we have the middle portion taken from the south rim trail overlook…

Overlook of Lucifer Falls

…and finally the lowest portion of the falls taken from the edge of the creek bed.

Bottom of Lucifer Falls

But there is a lot more to Treman Park than Lucifer Falls – though admittedly it is a big highlight. There are many other smaller waterfalls and the walk from the upper park to Lucifer Falls is an easy one. As you can probably imagine, the walk from the lower park to Lucifer Falls is quite steep with many steps but very worth it!

During my most recent visit to Treman Park there was a couple there in their wedding apparel getting pictures taken. I had seen them way up ahead of me at one point – presumably they were headed to pose in front of Lucifer Falls and I ran into them on their way back up. In the falls pictured below they took off their shoes (she had smartly worn flip flops) and got in the water and were splashing around and I could only think what amazing pictures they must have been getting. I have to assume the actual wedding had taken place days prior and they were taking after-the-fact shots because her dress was dirty and soaked by the time they were done. But all I could think was why didn’t we do that when we got married??? Would’ve been so cool!!!

Wedding Falls

I didn’t take any shots of them because I didn’t want to intrude on their special moments. Also I wasn’t sure of the etiquette involved given that they had a professional photographer with them as well. But every time I go to Treman Park I will forever think of these falls as Wedding Falls.


2 thoughts on “Robert H Treman State Park – Lucifer Falls (Upper Park Area)

    • Wedding Falls? I made that up – but it does sort of remind me of a bridal veil kind of?!?!? I wonder if this coming fall will be any different – I’d like to see how Lucifer looks from the overlook without having to dodge the leaves on the trees!

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