Ithaca Falls

Ithaca Falls relaxation
Soaking up the sun at Ithaca Falls

Can you believe this is what I see every morning on the way to work?  Granted, it’s a lot smaller because I see it from the other side of Ithaca, NY – but it still makes for a pretty interesting vista at a time in the morning when I desperately need something to look forward to!

Ithaca Falls is 150 feet high and 175 feet across – and is so cool. Ithaca Falls is visible from the Lake Street Bridge (this view is better when there are no leaves on the trees), and there’s a worn dirt path that usually allows for views closer up. I say usually because I have seen the entire gorge fill up with water to where you cannot get closer than the bridge. I’ve only seen this once so in general if you’re up for a short walk and want to see a gorgeous waterfall up close and personal, this is where you should go.

Now’s the time for what might be a long overdue lecture about waterfall safety. I’ll be brief. Be Careful!! Sadly, Ithaca loses a few of its citizens every year to the gorges. I know I’ve posted lots of pictures of people swimming in these falls and in others. #1 In most cases this is considered trespassing – law officers do patrol the gorges and will ask you to leave the water. #2 You are doing so at your own risk – there are strong currents and varying water levels that can make these waters treacherous. I don’t mean to be a downer but I just feel obligated to point out that amid all this astounding beauty there can also be some danger. So if you do visit by all means I hope you have a fabulous time just please be safe.

That’s all for my public service announcement – let’s check out some more pictures!

I usually try to take a few faster shutter speed pics when I visit waterfalls....

Ithaca Falls close up

Close up of "The Platform" - this is the least amount of water I've seen going over it in a long time.

Have a happy Fourth of July everyone!!!  Stay Safe


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