Robert H. Treman State Park – Lower Falls

Just when you thought I’d run out of state parks to talk about…that’s never going to happen!!  And I’m going to break Robert Treman State Park into two parts – upper and lower.  I’ll post about upper next week – today we’ll focus on lower.

In case you’re wondering, the entire route from upper to lower is 2.25 and can be done in an afternoon – I think I did the full trek once last year.  But I just haven’t had that kind of time lately.  So I’ve broken it up and done shorter hikes at each end of the park. Shooting this area was tricky – although it helped to be able to set up in a spot that is now under water. I went one day after work and the gorge and Lower Falls was quite dark, in deep shadow, while the upper areas were in bright sunlight. So I had to use the ND filters to get the misty waterfalls I like and combat the bright sunlight. It took many shots to figure out my exposure and I’m still not that thrilled with the results. I will have to return and try again soon!

So – Lower Falls.  I can’t even call this a hike.  Parking is a short, paved pathway from the Lower Falls.  There is also camping and a playground at this end of the park.  And they have by now dammed up the falls so that there is (legal) swimming and lifeguards at the Lower Falls as well.  I’m pretty sure where I stood to take this picture and certainly where these people are sitting is now officially swimming area.  Swimmers are able to jump off the stone structure on the right into the pool – when there is a pool!

Lower Falls swimming area

As you can see, the presence, or lack thereof, of lifeguards did not deter most swimmers on this rather warm day.  Swimming under the falls is a popular attraction at Robert Treman Park.

Recently I read an article about zooming in close to get a lot of detail and not using the wide angle as much, which I generally do for waterfalls, because I want to include the entire spectacular scene. So I grabbed the zoom and focused in on the top of the Lower Falls. And I used a fast shutter speed – not exactly my usual approach to waterfalls!! And I have to say – I love how this turned out.

Are you ready for your close up?

I love how the waves were frozen in time

Next week – Upper Treman which will include the 115 foot Lucifer Falls – I’ll be getting the wide angle lens back out for that you can be sure!!


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