Karma’s June 2011 Scavenger Hunt

Karma has issued her semi-monthly photo scavenger hunt. Let me just say how much I appreciate these little projects that she and Scott put together for us every month (Karma does even months, Scott does odd). It’s a fun and interesting way to get my photography “out of the box” a bit because there is usually one or two items on the list that I wouldn’t normally shoot, or I have to get creative with. It’s a lot of fun! And now to my submission:

a colorful bird

Scarlet Ibis

a scarlet ibis sits on her nest at the Bronx Zoo

a grad of any sort -( I know I’m reaching a little bit with this one)

These kids must’ve graduated from Cannonball School – taken at Ithaca Falls

 a dad

a daddy sandhill crane with his two chicks – taken at the Bronx Zoo

something purple

Purple Petunias – taken at the Cornell Greenhouse

a butterfly 

taken at the Cayuga Nature Center

 a funny face

Someone should know better than to make faces when I have the camera in my hands!!

BONUS: a cow, bull, heifer, calf or ox.  Extra bonus points for my favorite, the belted galloway.  I just took this picture today – we have cows everywhere around here so I never bothered to get this shot until a few hours before deadline.  Not a belted galloway – just a plain old holstein.

Holstein cow - taken in Lansing, NY

Thank you Karma!!


4 thoughts on “Karma’s June 2011 Scavenger Hunt

  1. Thanks for participating in the hunt, Deb! I hope you had fun searching out your shots – and I never mind when folks take liberties or “reach” to find a photo that fits. This is all about fun and getting people out shooting when they might not have any ideas. Wow, I just love your colorful bird! It is just stunning! And your funny face is pretty darn funny. I just love cows – your “plain ol’ holstein” too. I think it comes from my days working as a milkmaid at Old Sturbridge Village. I’m planning to do a wrap-up of the submissions in a few days, so hopefully you’ll have lots of folks coming by to look at your shots. In the meantime if you go back to my post where you left this link and go have a look and leave comments at other people’s hunts, you’ll probably get people to come have a look here and up your blog traffic! 🙂

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