Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli & Isles

The Apprentice- Tess GerritsenBody Double (Jane Rizzoli, Book 4)The Sinner (Jane Rizzoli, Book 3)

I am woefully behind with my book reviews so I’m going to do a three-fer – since they’re all the same series with the same characters I think this will actually work out better than reviewing each of these one at a time. 

I am loving this series!  The Apprentice picks up right where The Surgeon left off – with Rizzoli struggling as a female in a male-dominated world at the same time as she deals with her issues relating to the serial killer who is fanticizing about her.  Dr. Isles character is also introduced in this book – though we don’t get to know too much about her – yet.

The Sinner is where the novel series starts to vere away from the TV series (actually, the novels came first so it’s the TV series that’s vering, but you get the idea).  So if you’ve watched the TV series – The Sinner is where you should pick this up if you want to save yourself some time.  In this book, we get to see a new, softer side of Rizzoli.  I don’t want to give anything away – but I did not see these developments coming!!

In The Body Double we focus on Dr. Isles’s past and how sometimes our past can come slamming into our present.  We also start to see the bonding between Rizzoli and Isles that has made this series so popular.  I think women are drawn to these strong female characters who are not in competition with each other – but rather  are slowly but surely learning what it is that makes the other tick. 

This series (so far) has been very well developed, with one story leading into the next, and with the personal relationships developing in much the way they do in real life – one tiny step at a time.  There is nothing fake or forced about these characters.  Personally, this is what keeps me reading.


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