Bronx Zoo – part 2

Since I got back from my Bronx Zoo visit I’ve been trying to decide what my favorite exhibit was. It’s really hard to chose. Was it the gorillas – see previous post for more info on that exhibit.

I liked the tigers (there were at least four visible)…

DSC_6922 copy

Tiger posing for his/her closeup

or was it the polar bear that kept walking back and forth, back and forth in his cage….

DSC_6935 copy

Pacing polar bear

Or was it the flamingos? Flamingos always remind me of a childhood visit to my grandparents winter home in Homassasa Springs, FL. Near there was a park/zoo that they referred to as “The Attraction.”  I have no idea what the real name of this place was/is but my childhood brain remembers the flamingos – I loved them then and I love them now. There were Caribbean Flamingos

DSC_7076 copy

Caribbean Flamingo - I love this color!!

and their paler cousins are Chilean Flamingos.

I love the flamingos!!

It’s so hard to chose!!! This trip (and it will change every time) I’d have to go with the tigers. There were so many that were visible (even if they were on the opposite side of pretty dirty glass) and this one posed so nicely for me. The others were great – but on this day – the tiger was special.


One thought on “Bronx Zoo – part 2

  1. Oh I really would like to get to this zoo some day. It has been on my “to do” list for ages. Fun photos! Are you hunting up some more fun photos for my photo hunt? Just a little reminder that I set the deadline for this Sunday if you are interested!

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