The Bronx Zoo – part 1

As you know, this past weekend I traveled to New York City and to the Bronx Zoo.  For those of you who might want to make this trip, there is an express bus that leaves Manhatten every half hour and gets to the Bronx Zoo roughly 20 minutes later (depending on traffic).  Even for someone who doesn’t often use public transportation – this was an easy trip to make and if you’re looking for something to do in NYC – I would highly recommend.

One thing I discovered is that the best day to visit the zoo to see the animals is not necessarily the best day to visit the zoo to photograph the animals.  It was an overcast, drizzly day which kept the crowds away and the animals active.  However, a day like this requires longer shutter speeds (since my camera tends to react poorly to higher ISOs) and long shutter speeds and active animals don’t mix so well!!  No matter – there were times where it did get brighter and I got some pretty nice shots.  And occasionally the animals would pose – I swear that they are preening for the cameras!!  And it gives me a great excuse to go back some day!!


Amazing exhibit!!

The Bronx Zoo contains the Congo Gorilla Forest.  This exhibit is an additional $5 on top of your regular admission.  And is totally worth it.  As we were walking through the beginning of this exhibit I was thinking we should get our money back because all the monkeys were sleeping – I hate a lot of “empty” exhibits.  Then we got to the gorillas.  There are over 20 gorillas in the exhibit and we were fortunate enough to get there for feeding time.  Apparently celery and sweet potatoes are popular gorilla foods!!  The exhibit contains a lot of glass walls so you have great visual access to the gorillas – there was one sitting about 2 feet from the glass playing with the visitors.  It was totally amazing.


This gorilla paused eating her lunch in so that I could snap this pic

So I recycled my Bronx Zoo map while I was leaving and I am now not entirely sure what this animal is??!?!?  I can’t find it on the zoo’s website, so I did a Google search for hooved animal images and I think this is an ibex.  Whatever they are, they were playing (I think) locking horns and showing off on the rocks.  Another animal that I’m pretty sure was posing for the crowd.

I think they're playing??

I think they're playing??

My final image for today is another of my favorites – the snow leopard.  Maybe I’m partial to this animal because they’re also at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse which I visit regularly.  Usually the snow leopards are just lounging around – not really doing much and this day was no exception.  But for some reason I’m just partial to them.  I also love the green bokeh I got in this shot.

Just lounging around

Just lounging around

So that’s my first set of zoo pictures – I may do another blog about the zoo, because we haven’t talked about the seals or the tiger or the gazelles, or the flamingos, or the polar bear………


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