What a fabulous weekend!

I’m sitting here writing this, the house is a mess, I’ve got to get something that resembles dinner going, etc. but I wanted to get at least something about my crazy weekend posted. So I decided to post my favorite pic from each of the three events I attended over the weekend.

As you know, on Sat I took a bus trip to New York City. I know it’s crazy – but I’ve never been there!! There will be more blogs to come about this trip but my favorite picture came from the Bronx Zoo:

Lioness at the Bronx Zoo


Sun early afternoon I attended the Ithaca Photo Meetup. After a discussion about macros we were fortunate enough to be allowed into one of the test greenhouses on campus to shoot some of the things they have going on here.

A look into one of the greenhouses on Cornell's campus

Finally, I attended the Jamesville Balloon Show. This was incredible. A horrible day for shooting (as you can see from this shot): gray skies messing with the meter, all kinds of different lighting situations as the sun and clouds and I moved around the field. But it was incredible.

Balloon overhead!

I’m really sorry this is so brief and rushed but I know some people were waiting to see how my weekend shots came out so I knew wanted to get something posted. But look at it as a teaser – most likely the rest of the week’s blogs will focus on zoo, flower, or balloon pics!!! I can’t wait to share them all with you!!


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