Black and White? Or Not?

The salon I go to has rotating artists hanging their work on their walls – it’s mostly for exposure but occasionally a piece is sold.  Last week the photographer featured (who I’d love to give credit to but unfortunately I couldn’t read the signature) was only showing black and white shots of flowers.  Let’s just say, black and white is not my favorite.  Especially when flowers are involved – the colors are so vibrant – why would anyone want to limit flowers to black, white, and shades of gray?

But I have to say, as I sat there being pampered, the shots grew on me.  I began to like them more and more.  So I decided to experiment with some of my own shots.  What do you think – color or black and white?

Rhododendron - Cornell Plantations


Same shot - in black and white

   Magnolia Blossum

Magnolia Blossom - Cornell Plantations



Same shot in black & white


Clematis at home


Clematis in b&w

Pink, striped tulip


Striped Tulip from my garden


Iris from my Garden


Iris - in b&w

So what do you think?  Personally I like the magnolia b&w the best, and I like the iris in color best.  I tried to chose pics that had the most about of colors thus leading to the most shades of gray in the b&w.  I still don’t think I’m a black & white fan, but I am now convinced that b&w does have it’s place in flower photography.


4 thoughts on “Black and White? Or Not?

  1. Personally I prefer the color versions of all of them but of course everyone has their own taste. My guess is that B&W may be a way for the photographer to convey a certain feeling (e.g. bleakness). In some cases, though, it might just be a gimmick.

  2. The Clematis I like in Black and White the tulip is cool too.

    I am not sure I like them better,,, but they are cool.

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