Cornell Plantations

Steps leading further up the knoll

One of the best places to see and photograph flowers (besides my front yard of course  🙂 ) is the Cornell Plantations.  No matter the season, the Plantations as it is called by the locals, has many wonderful sights to offer.  Throughout the year I’ll be sharing as many as I can with you.

The Plantations has three types of areas: the F. R. Newman Arboretum, The Botanical Gardens, and over 40 natural areas spanning 4,300 acres.  Just northeast of the central Cornell campus is the newly opened Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center.  I have yet to visit The Welcome Center,  but I have a meeting there is a couple of weeks and I will update you on the interior then.  Until then – here is a view of it from the back – Comstock Knoll is the hill you can see on the right.

Notice the rhododendron reflected in the glass?

Behind the Welcome Center is Comstock Knoll and the Bowers Rhododendron Collection.  This is one of my favorite spots within The Plantations – especially this time of year because Comstock Knoll is full of rhododendrons – 123 varieties of them to be exact!  I love the rhododendrons!!  Comstock Knoll is a hill with paths moving circularly around the hill among the rhododendrons and other trees and shrubs until you reach the top.  It’s a short, easy walk from the parking area outside of the Welcome Center and worth the trip any time of year.

Red Rhododendron

They've got red ones...

...and pink ones...

...and gorgrous pink buds...

Backlit Rhododendron

...and backlit ones!

…and purple ones too except these weren’t blooming yet for my last visit (May 25).  I’m afraid I’ve probably missed them  😦 .  I’ll have to remember to stop by a little later next year!

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