Buttermilk Falls State Park

YAY!!!!  It’s finally warm!  We’ve had some great weather recently so I turned to Buttermilk Falls State Park.  In my opinion, the Gorge Trail is the best waterfall hike of the three state parks in the area (Buttermilk, Robert Treman, and Taughannock).  There are numerous falls and cascades, the lighting in the gorge is perfect for long exposures, and with the exception of many steps in the beginning – the hike is fairly level and easy.

Buttermilk Falls

This was the best of the bunch - check out those clouds!

I have yet to take a pic of the Buttermilk Falls that I like.  The falls are very tall (165′) with a twist near the top and I never seem to get the framing the way I like.  And it never fails – it was overcast my whole drive from the office, overcast as I was walking to the falls, overcast as I was setting up the tripod, then BOOM – totally bright sunlight bouncing off the white falls and just making a big mess.

But I figured I’m parked nearby, the sun will be lower, maybe even behind the hill, by the time I leave.  I’ll try for some shots then.  My plan was to use my wide(r) angle (18-55mm) on the way up, then switch and use the 70-300mm on the way down for some closeups.  You know what they say about the best laid plans…….

Going down?

View of Buttermilk Falls State Park from the top of the falls

Triple Falls

I call this triple falls because of the three (or is it four) ledges

So I hiked and photographed.



I love capturing swirls!!

And then…..

My battery died.  Phooey (not exactly what I said – you get the idea).  It died while I was shooting the last set of falls before the top and my turn around.  So I packed everything up and started the walk down.

And it was really nice.  Freeing.  To not be carrying the tripod, to not be rushing from one shot to the next, to just be enjoying the spectacles Mother Nature had put before me.  I think I may have to start putting my camera away a little more often.

But not too often!!


3 thoughts on “Buttermilk Falls State Park

  1. Let that be a lesson for you. Always carry a spare battery. 🙂

    I’ve been to the other two park but not this one. Better to do the trail in the morning or late in the day?

    I’d say that is a triple falls and a half. Love all the green foliage and mosses.

  2. This looks like a wonderful place for a walk! I know what you mean about the freedom when you don’t have the camera available – but it seems for me at least that those are the days that I see something I would have REALLY loved to take a picture of!

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