Does anyone else hate that word as much as I’ve come to?  If you have a GPS, you know what I mean.  There are times when I want to toss that voice right out the window and run over it with my truck – then back up and run over it again!!!!!!

But every once in awhile, things go according to plan.  The continuation of our day in Rochester was not one of those days.  In my opinion, Rochester is not the easiest city to navigate but armed with the GPS and hubby’s knowledge of the area (he’s an RIT alum) we felt pretty good about getting where we wanted to go.  Hubby wanted to visit a brewpub he’d been to a few years ago with one of his buddies.  Fine by me – beer sounds great after a few hours in the sun!  He thought it was called High Falls Brewery.  Found that in the GPS and away we went.  Turns out High Falls Brewing Co is another name for the Genesee Beer Factory.  Not what we had in mind.

So we decided to stick with what we know – let’s go to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.  If you like BBQ you’ve got to try this place.  It’s won probably hundreds of awards including best BBQ in the country by Good Morning America viewers.  They have restaurants in Rochester, Syracuse, NYC, and Albany.  Personally, I prefer the Rochester Dinosaur to the one in Syracuse though I think I’d be in the minority- it’s bigger and the ambiance is a little more laid back.  But be prepared to wait for a table – even at 2:30 on a Sat the wait for a table for two was 10-15 minutes.  At busier times there’s a line that will wrap around the block with waits over an hour.  The food is that good!!

1/2 rack of ribs = YUMMY!

While we were driving around the Genesee Beer Factory I noticed an overlook to High Falls.  Hmmm – I thought that was on the other side of the river…..  I persuaded hubby to head back that way after lunch and got some shots of the High Falls from this overlook.  There is a small park and a pedestrian bridge accessible from the other side of the river and that is the area that is recommended in 200Waterfalls of Central and Western NY.  This area made hubby a little nervous but I am of the opinion people are a lot like bees – you don’t bother them and they won’t bother you.  So I got to see High Falls – it was very bright out and I couldn’t take the slow shutter pics I wanted but I’m still glad I went back and check it out!

DSC_6039 copy

High Falls as seen from the overlook next to the Genesee Beer Factory

DSC_6042 copy

Rochester Skyline - that's the pedestrian bridge center right

DSC_6045 copy

High Falls close-up - I loved all the mist the falls were generating


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