The Lilac Festival

DSC_5990 copy

Highland Park Lilac Festival 2011

Yesterday the sun shined!!  YEAH!!!  And hubby and I went to The Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY.  I love lilacs and I’ve always wanted to go – just one of those things I’ve never gotten around to.  So I was determined to go this year.  But as I’ve said, the weather has not been cooperative to any outdoor activities.  The Lilac Festival was actually cancelled three days last week – this has never happened since the Lilac Festival expanded into a multi-day festival in the 1970s.

The Lilac Festival takes place over ten days at Highland Park in Rochester, NY.  There are over 1,200 flowering lilac bushes on display as well as pansies, rhododendrens, and azaelas among many others.  The Lilac Festival began as Lilac Sunday in 1908 and was later expanded into Lilac Week.  In 1979 it was renamed Lilac Festival.  Along with lilacs, the festival includes entertainment for both young and old, a children’s park, vendors, and every kind of fair-style food.  Yesterday, there was also an arts and crafts show.

DSC_5956 copy

It was hubby's idea to use the beautiful blue sky as a background - he has great vision

As I said, the weather yesterday was amazing – it was almost too hot if there is such a thing.  And the Lilac Festival was packed.  And we went as the “doors” were opening.  The first really nice day we’ve had this year coupled with the festival being closed for three days brought out everyone.  The park is separated into two areas for the festival: the lilac/park area, and the vendor/entertainment/arts and crafts area.  The park area was much less busy, and we spent quite a bit of time wandering around the lilac bushes and the pansy bed (which had gotten water logged, so I don’t have any pictures of it this trip). 

DSC_5997 copy

My favorite picture contains no lilacs - how wrong is that??

While we were there, some girls doing a school project asked me what I would do if I thought today was going to be my last day on earth.  My response was that you can’t really beat what I’m doing right now.  The sun is shining, the flowers are gorgeous, I’m taking what I hope will be great pictures, it doesn’t get any better than this!!

DSC_5964 copy

I wish I could send the amazing scent through my blog too!

So about the gorgeous pictures.  I’d like to blame all the blurry ones you won’t be seeing on the breeze (which would be accurate about 50% of the time) but the other 50% I was just too lazy to get out the tripod.  I’d even carried it with me but I didn’t want to be the big photography dork using the tripod.  So there were some really blurry shots that were immediately deleted.  Bummer.  But I do like the ones that did come out well.

DSC_5944 copy
One of the closeups that wasn’t blurry!

Highland Park was amazing.  There’s also the Lamberton Conservatory that we didn’t get to, as well as many pathways that I’d love to explore some other time when there are fewer people around.  I will definitely be making a return trip here.

We only spent about three hours at the Lilac Festival.  We continued out to get some lunch and visited one of the local waterfalls.  More on that later……


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