I need me some tulips!!

It’s a rainy, foggy, just generally dreary day here in CNY.  Just as the weatherman predicted.  Why is he only wrong when he says it’s going to be sunny??

Single tulip

My favorite shot of the day

So I am in the mood for some nice sunny flowers.  How great for me that it’s tulip season.  Actually it was tulip season last week – this past weekend’s rain put a beat down on the tulips but I’m not going to let that stop me!!

All of these shots were taken at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY.  MacKenzie-Childs is actually a store that specializes in furniture and ceramic pottery but they have also spent a lot of time (and I’m sure money) making the grounds of their Aurora, NY shop spectacular.  Their head gardener (not sure if that’s her technical title) keeps a blog that you can visit here.  I love to stop by at least once per season to see what they’ve got planted and is blooming – they do an amazing job.  While you’re there you should stop by their shop – their merchandise is a colorful and eclectic mix that is displayed brilliantly.

First I wanted to give a shout out to Views Infinitum who did a post a couple weeks back about the usage of selective color.  I love this look – but for some reason I don’t use it very often – I guess I just don’t think of it.  I created mine a little differently than Scott – I use Photoshop Elements 8.0 and I used a black and white gradient map adjustment layer with the one purple tulip cut out of the layer to create this effect.  I’m not sure I like the cropping – what do you think?

B&W Inspiration

B&W gradient map applied to the background

That’s a beautiful brick driveway that transverses the property that you can see behind this row of tulips.


Pretty in Pink!

In a future post I will have to include pictures of the restored home and the barns that are on the property as well as the animals. I blogged about their Scottish cattle here – and they have baby lambs as well that I’m saving for a future post.  And they have a peacock!!!  Someday I’m going to see him open his feathers…..

Everything on the property has been lovingly restored, or rebuilt to blend in with the period.  It’s a beautiful spot to visit – and the lake views aren’t bad either!!

I love tulips!!

I love tulips of all colors!


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