It’s raining again

And we’re back to rain.  Lots of rain.  The lake had just receded back to a tolerable level – we’ll see what this week brings.

So later in the week I will post some flower pics – I promise.  Some nice happy, sunny, gorgeous flower pictures to help us remember that it is in fact SPRING!  But in keeping with what looks to be the weatherman’s theme for the week I thought I’d talk about fog.  Fog is cool.  Dark, misty, gray, it’s like something out of film noir.  The other morning  I woke up to some thick fog and I just couldn’t resist.  I threw my fancy work clothes in a bag and grabbed some jeans and out into the fog I went.

Stewart Park willow

The pond at Stewart Park on a foggy morning

I decided to head to Stewart Park because the fog on top of the hills was burning off but I could still see the fog sitting in the valley along the lake.  And because there is often some nice bird activity there, as well as an occasional great blue heron sighting.  Alas, there were a lot of fisherman and also one of the local rowing teams was there practicing, so no exciting bird sightings.  But I did see an amazing spider web covered in dew.

Stewart Park spider web

Dew covered spider web under a Stewart Park bench

Looking across Fall Creek (Ithaca Falls is upstream) is Newman Municipal Golf Course.  I love the look of the greens in the fog.  It’s just so the opposite of what you think of when you think golf course.  I’m not a golfer but my husband is, and I’ve heard from him and others say that this is a nice public course  where you could squeeze in a few holes if you so desired.

Newman Golf Course fog

Newman Golf Course on a foggy morning

Next up – sunshine pictures I promise.  I’ll need the pick-me-up after the week of rain that’s anticipated.


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