It’s raining it’s pouring…..

but we don’t let that stop us. Today I had plans to go kayaking. Sadly, the weather forecast said rain, rain, rain. But since when is the weatherman ever right? It’ll just blow over – that’s what we told ourselves as we headed out – all 8 of us. We started in Candor, NY on the Catatonk Creek. It was sort of raining, sort of misting. Gave the river a cool, murky feeling. It was so peaceful with lots of birds chirping all around.

And then I should’ve gone right, and I couldn’t fight the current and went left. Ended up stuck on a sandbar. Had to get out and wade over the slippery stones, the kayak got full of water, had to tip it to empty it. Still having fun, but soaking wet from the knees down. No big deal, the water wasn’t that cold, and even with the misty rain, I wasn’t cold.

Then I tried to stop. While in the current. Got turned around backwards. Then got sideways. Then got upside down. Fortunately the water isn’t much more than a foot deep (but I wore my life preserver anyway – I’m sort of nerdy like that). Second time around I’m much better at tipping the kayak to to dump the water out!

Then it started to rain. I mean really rain. Of course, I’m soaked already so the rain didn’t bother me and it was kind of neat being out on the river in the rain.

3.6 miles later we pulled out. We’d parked our vehicles at the pull out point, drove back to Candor and enjoyed some very hard-earned sausage with peppers and onions. Fabulous dinner and a fabulous day. To see a map of our adventure, you can click here.

Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of this adventure. I (wisely, as it turns out) didn’t dare bring my camera out on the water. So I wil leave you with this shot I took last week of Great Gully Falls.

Great Gully Falls

The Lower Falls in Great Gully

Even though I got soaking wet – it was a great day.  Great adventure, great friends, great food = great day!!


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