Sage Chapel

When my friend newbiephoto posted pics of the cherry (I think they’re cherry) blossoms a few weeks ago I knew I had to get to campus to get photos. I’ve been waiting all winter to get McGraw Tower and photograph it with the blossoms. It took me a week before my schedule and the weather cooperated. Here is my rendition:

DSC_5314 copy

McGraw Tower among the blossoms

Nearby is Sage Chapel. I’ve seen many pictures on flickr of this chapel and it’s beautiful. I said something to the friend I was with that I’d never been in there. She says, “Let’s go.” I say, “It’s OK, we’re allowed to just go in?” I’d always been afraid I was going to interrupt a service so I’d never gone inside. Turns out a service was just ending, so we were OK. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I only got a few non-blurry shots, but it was so phenomenal. I’m not especially religious, but the chapel was moving all the same. Here’s what I got:

DSC_5311 copy

Sage Chapel - beneath this window is the alter

DSC_5308 copy

The stripes you can see on the side are the organ pipes

So if you ever plan to come visit Sage Chapel, be sure to bring your tripod. You will find many, many shots you’ll have to take. I plan on waiting until after commencement and going back in the summer (not on Saturday – the chapel is a popular spot for weddings).


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