Spring has Sprung!!

FINALLY!!! We have had some really nice weather and we’re not supposed to get much rain this week. Let the flood waters recede!!

So we (my husband and I) have been out in the yard: mulching, fertilizing, weeding, and of course, killing dandelions. The grass just keeps getting greener and has been mowed twice. The “problem” with all this yard time is that I usually do some work, then see something I just have to photograph! It makes for a nice break from the weeding and mulching I think!

To start off is a shot of my Crown Imperials. I inherited these with my old house and brought them with me when I moved to Ithaca. When they first break ground in the spring they stink like skunk but then they become these lovely downward facing flowers. I had to lay on my back under the stalks to get this shot. Fortunately the neighbors already think I’m crazy!

Crown Imperial

Crown Imperial looking up from the ground

My red trillium. This is another one that I just couldn’t bring myself to part with when I moved and fortunately for me has thrived in its new home. Trilliums are protected in some areas but grow fairly commonly in CNY. Red trilliums are much rarer. For example, we saw hundreds of white trilliums during our Carpenter Falls hike, and one red trillium.
Red Trillium

I bought these Grecian Windflowers from some school fundraiser and they just keep growing no matter what you do to them. I just threw them in the ground not really expecting much and look at what I get every year. And I don’t have to dead head them, I don’t have to thin them – I do nothing. And they just keep coming back!

Grecian Wildflowers

Grecian Windflower - no maintenance necessary

We inherited this Bleeding Heart with the house so I don’t know how old it is, but it’s gotten so that it’s pretty large. I love the pink, delicate flowers. It’s the best sign that spring is really here.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart - one of my favorites

We live along a wooded area and are constantly waging war with the chipmunks/squirrels/deer. Last year I replanted all of my daffodils as the chipmunks had eaten them all. These results are so very worth it. No tulip pics from my garden this year – the deer did quite a number on them.

Faded Daffodil

Originally this was going to be a B&W, but I decided I liked a bit of color better

That’s what went on last week in my garden. This weeks warm temps and sunshine should bring all sorts of changes – and work! Spent yesterday afternoon staining the deck. And there’s still more mulching to do. But it’s all worth it!!


4 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung!!

  1. You have cultivated quite a lovely set of colors and growing things. When visiting your neck of the woods last weekend, I saw lots of white trillium along the gorge trail to Taughannock Falls. Only on the southern side as the sunny side is not as much to their liking that I could see.

  2. Wow !
    I may have to talk to you about getting some of these printed – seriously – you need to consider selling these on the side!

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