Bad Blood by John Sanford

Bad Blood by John Sandford is the third book in the Virgil Flowers series, which is a spinoff of the Lucas Davenport Prey series.  Virgil is an unconventional sort of law man, part hippee, part religious man.  A free spirit that works within the confines of the law – most of the time.

This book is a fairly easy read without a lot of confusing plot twists – just the way I like my stories!!  This book is a little different in that you learn early on who the bad guys are – Virgil’s struggle is in proving it and making sure they pay for their crimes.  I enjoyed this book, as I enjoy most of John Sandford’s stories – though I will admit I like the Lucas Davenport character a little better than I like Virgil.  The Davenport character has evolved in many different ways over the course of the 20 or so books based on him.  I’m curious to see if the same sort of evolution takes place with Virgil.   Without giving away the ending of Bad Blood, there is some implied foreshadowing that makes me think Virgil’s evolution is just beginning.


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