Skaneateles, NY (or Carpenter Falls, Part 2)

DSC_5360 copy

Beautiful blue, incredibly clean water

So we left off with mom and I had hiked through the woods from Carpenter Falls 430′ down to Skaneateles Lake.  This is considered the cleanest of the Finger Lakes, and is the water source for the city of Syracuse, NY. We stopped to rest here for awhile (by that I mean procrastinate the walk back up the hill) and enjoy the view and the sunshine.

Eventually we began our trek back up to the car. We decided to walk back up on the road because I had heard there were some really nice overlooks from Appletree Point Rd. I had heard correctly – I’m planning to try to get back here for a sunrise one of these days. The view was definitely worth the workout we received!!

DSC_5367 copy

As seen from Apple Tree Point Rd.

By the time we got back to the car we were hungry! And I was covered in mud from kneeling and sitting on the ground trying to capture those lower camera angles. Since we weren’t too far from New Hope, we decided to see if there was an ice cream shop where we could sit outside and get a cone. All that hard walking was definitely worth an ice cream cone!! Sadly, New Hope did not have any ice cream to offer, but we did stop in to New Hope Mills. The gift shop wasn’t yet open for the season, but it was definitely worth the trip to see the falls and water wheel.

DSC_5383 copy

And now we know where you shouldn't park your car if you're intending to take pictures!

Still hungry though!!! We decided to head back into Skaneateles because we knew they had a nice ice cream shop and a lovely park. On the way we came across Anyela’s Vineyards. If you know me (and if you don’t you’ll find out) you never have to twist my arm to convince me to enjoy a glass of wine!! This tasting room opened in 2008 but has recently expanded and will shortly be offering fresh, picked as you order salads to be paired with your wine while you enjoy their fabulous view.  I can’t wait to try this!! As it was, salads weren’t quite ready yet (they do offer cheese plates, but I was still craving ice cream) so we just did a standard tasting. I tend to enjoy dry whites and this day was no exception. I brought home a bottle of Chardonnay, Dry Riesling, and Avail, a blend of the others along with Cayuga White. Their Pinot Nior was also quite tasty, but I generally don’t drink many reds in the summer time. I will let you know when I open these what I think.

DSC_5393 copy

View from Anyela's Vineyards

Finally – LUNCH!!! By this time I’m starving and I don’t care if people see me covered in mud – possibly because I might have been a little tipsy from the wine tasting! We had a great meal at Blue Water Grill in Skaneateles and an even better dessert – Strawberry Shortcake! Beats ice cream any day!!!

Skaneateles, NY

I wasn't real impressed with any of my town shots from last weekend so here's one that I took last fall.

It was a wonderful day!!


3 thoughts on “Skaneateles, NY (or Carpenter Falls, Part 2)

  1. Now that you mention I do remember seeing your potential trip itinerary somewhere. You’ll be traveling along the Thruway if I remember correctly. Ithaca is about an hour south of that. Montezuma Wildlife Refuge is just off the Thruway and the wildlife drive would take less than an hour to go through depending on the number of photo stops you make. Scott posts Montezuma pics pretty regularly.

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