Carpenter Falls

Taken from the lower left trail. I'm standing on a very steep hill which is why the image is a little crooked - I didn't dare lean too far!!

Last Saturday (the only sunny and warm day we’ve had in about a month) my mom and I visited Carpenter Falls. Carpenter Falls is located in the western side of Skaneateles Lake, near the southern end of the lake, just outside the Village of New Hope. And let me just tell you – it is lovely. As previously mentioned, we have received A LOT of rain here this spring – we broke the rainfall record for April. So the waterfalls are really roaring – which can be good or bad depending on the waterfall. In this case it was both – lots of water coming over the falls, but creek walking was out of the question.

There are three trails originating from the parking pulloff – we’ll call them left, middle, and right. The left trail takes you to a couple of different overlooks, one about halfway up (the lower overlook), and the other at the top of the falls seen below.

Taken to the left of the first image, further up the trail but this time on a nice, level overlook

These trails aren’t steep in the up and down sense, but they are on the side of a very steep drop off and take some balancing skills. It also didn’t help that it was quite muddy and slippery with wet, fallen leaves. The middle trail takes you to the base of the falls – also not steep in particular but on the side of a hill you really don’t want to fall down. This is where creek walking would’ve come in handy.

Taken from the middle trail that goes down to the creek. I can't wait to come back in the summer and try to walk behind the falls

The right trail takes you down 430′ in elevation over the course of one mile to Skaneateles Lake. This sounds steep but didn’t feel it – at least not on the way down! There is a turnoff part way down this trail that allows you to view Angel Falls which is VERY steep, and because of the mud and high water we chose to save this trail for another day. I can hardly wait because what I could see through the trees looked amazing.

As I said – Saturday was the only nice day we have had in SO long.  And I felt kind of guilty because I had yard work and house work that I could have been doing – maybe SHOULD have been doing.  Especially since week has been back to rain, rain, rain.  But I had such a nice day – very relaxing, very restorative after all of the lousy weather.  So I didn’t get mulch in the flower beds – that can wait.

My next post will cover our journey back UP UP UP to the car, a stop at a new winery in Skaneateles, and a trip to the quaint village of Skaneateles.  Stay tuned….


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