The First One

Big cats can play too!

My very first blog post.  Kind of exciting.  Kind of scary.  Hopefully it will turn into loads of fun.

I thought I’d start with some of my life and/or photography goals.  This will also help you see what this is all about.

  1. Dandelion Shoot.  I want to take a picture of a dandelion that has gone completely to seed.  Probably a macro.  Most likely processed in black and white.  I’ll have to visit a local park for this because my husband has a personal vendetta against the dandelions in our yard.  If I’m lucky once I’m almost finished a gust of wind will come along and I’ll be able to capture the seeds as they fly away.  But let’s not push it.
  2. Hummingbird Shoot.  I have a plan.  Set up my camera on a tripod facing the feeder on my deck.  Use the wireless remote and fire away if and when the feeder gets any takers.
  3. Visit someplace new each month.  This was a goal of mine for 2011 and I’ve pushed it a little bit.  For example, I went to Rosamund Gifford Zoo in February.  I’ve been there before a few times – but never in February.  The zoo in winter is an entirely different experience – I highly recommend it.  Even though some of the animals have to be taken indoors and off display – most of the animals are out and about and much more active than they are when it’s very hot and humid.  Back to the goal – perhaps I should rephrase this goal – invest some time in a new experience each month – or is that too vague?
  4. Go to the Farmer’s Market more.  This is a goal I’ve had for a couple of years that I haven’t followed through with.  Ithaca has an amazing Farmer’s Market.  And I like to eat healthy(ish).  The problem is that the best time to go (in my opinion) is when it first opens on Saturdays – 7AM.  I have a difficult time getting motivated that early in the morning.  I’d rather enjoy my coffee and read my book!

That’s all I can come up with at the moment – I know there’s more and I’ll be working on adding them as I go.  Here are some more pictures from the Zoo in January.  ENJOY!!

This picture one 1st place in the Action Photo category in the Winter at the Zoo contest sponsored by Rosamund Gifford Zoo

This shot won Honorable Mention in the Winter at the Zoo category.

Blah Blah Blah


4 thoughts on “The First One

  1. yay yay yay! You have a blog! I think it’s fantastic, I can’t wait to read about your adventures and see the beautiful photos you capture along the way! 🙂

  2. Hi Deb! Welcome to the world o’blogging! It took me a minute to figure out who you were after you left the comment at my place! Love your tiger shot!
    I was pleased as punch to have recently taken my very first hummingbird shot – good luck with getting yours!

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